Satrix MSCI China Feeder ETF  
Focus and Objective
The Satrix MSCI China Feeder ETF is an index tracking fund registered as a Collective Investment Scheme, and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as an Exchange Traded Fund. The mandate of the Satrix MSCI China Feeder Portfolio ("Satrix MSCI China Feeder ETF") is to track, as closely as possible, the value of the MSCI China Index in ZAR.

The MSCI China Index captures large and mid-cap representation across China A shares, H shares, B shares, Red chips, P chips and foreign listing (e.g ADRs) and covers about 85% of China equity universe.
To replicate the index performance the Satrix MSCI China Feeder ETF invests in the iShares MSCI China UCITS ETF (the underlying fund). The investment objective of the underlying fund is to provide investors with a total return, taking into account both capital and income returns, which reflects the return of the MSCI China Index.

Investors should note that the performance of the Satrix MSCI China Feeder ETF relative to its benchmark may be affected on a day to day basis as a result of transactions, exchange rates and differing pricing points.

Satrix Securities
This fund is managed by Satrix Managers (Pty) Ltd.
Comparative Performance
Technical Overview
Formation Date: 22 Jul 2020
Benchmark: MSCI China Index
Holdings: n/a
Unit Holders: n/a
Original Price: n/a
Pricing System: Forward
Minimum Lump Sum: n/a
Minimum Monthly: n/a

TER (30 Jun 2023): 0.63%
Perf Fee TER (30 Jun 2023): 0%
Annual: 0.20%
Performance: n/a
Top Holdings on 30 Sep 2023
Share No Units Value (Rm) % of Fund
ISMSCICHINA 12 307 938 955.80 100.00%
Totals   955.80 100.00%

Asset Allocation
Sectoral Breakdown
Satrix MSCI China Feeder ETF
Performance to 5 Dec 2023
R1 000 Lumpsum (NAV-NAV Incl. Dividends)
Period Return Value(R) Inflation(R)
3 Months -11.56% 884.40 1 020.80
6 Months -10.25% 897.50 1 034.60
1 Year -5.85% 941.50 1 064.50
3 Years -12.92% 660.40 1 219.90
R100 per Month (NAV-NAV Incl. Dividends)
Period Return Value(R) Inflation(R)
3 Months -3.74% 292.59 303.90
6 Months -11.21% 561.95 613.27
1 Year -16.26% 1 099.38 1 245.44
3 Years -9.87% 3 101.16 3 995.64
* Values for periods greater than one year are annualised
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