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Real, personalised financial service for real South Africans

Where you invest today could be one of the single biggest decisions you make in your life. That’s why it’s important that you understand – and are comfortable with – exactly where your money is going.

At ETFSA, we’ll help you embrace the power of Exchange Traded Funds and Products (ETPs), so you can access stock markets efficiently and securely. Whether you’re doing it yourself through our online platform or getting personalised advice from us in a bespoke ETF portfolio, we’ll help you build your wealth, your way.

Build your wealth, your way

No matter where you start, the important thing is that you do.


The ETFSA Investor Hub lets you invest directly into all the JSE listed ETFs, providing local (and global!) investment opportunities. It’s simple and easy - and 100% in your hands.


Living Annuity

You've worked hard and invested - now it's time for that investment to pay off. We’ll help ensure your ETF investments pay you the income you need every month.


Retirement Annuity

No one thinks they're going to get old - until it happens. We’ll help you make the right investment decisions now so you can be financially secure when you retire.


Wealth Management

Get a bespoke ETF portfolio designed for your specific investment goals in the short and long term, along with personalised advice from our expert team.


The home of ETFs

At ETFSA, we combine the best of ETFs with a real culture of service to our clients. Very few active managers are able to consistently outperform the index, which is why we make strategic use of ETFs.


Trusted advice tailored for you, no matter your investment goals.

Innovative Pricing

Unique fee structure that gives you genuine value.


The top ETP experts in SA.


We challenge investing norms to create the best possible value for you.

Welcome to ETFs

As the leading experts in ETFs in South Africa, our ETF research and insights can help you make better decisions about what you do with your money – right now and for your future.


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