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The etfSA Living Annuity is an investment-linked annuity policy underwritten by Prescient Life Limited. A living annuity pays you an income in retirement and is suitable for retirees who do not want to purchase a guaranteed life annuity or a with-profits annuity. 

The etfSA Living Annuity can be purchased with a retirement benefit, or, with a transfer from another living annuity. With a living annuity, you are able to choose how you would like your retirement benefit to be invested. You are also able to choose the level of income that you would like to draw from your living annuity.

Clients can choose to spread their investment across any number of the five fund options:

  • etfSA Wealth Protector Living Annuity Fund – CPI target return – low risk 
  • etfSA Wealth Conservator Living Annuity Fund – CPI+3% return target – low-medium risk 
  • etfSA Wealth Builder Living Annuity Fund – CPI+5% return target – medium risk
  • etfSA Wealth Enhancer Living Annuity Fund – CPI+7% return target – medium-high risk
  • etfSA Wealth Maximiser Living Annuity Fund – CPI+10% return target – high risk
Living Annuity Brochure (v13) November 2021   [535kb]
Application Form (v21) February 2021   [556kb]
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July 2022
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