Retirement Annuity Funds (RA Funds) for the 21st Century
Fully Transparent – you know your retirement value at all times
Daily price and disclosure
Low administration costs 1% (including Vat) for the Retirement annuity fund which includes administration and advice. In addition the Fund invests in low-cost ETFs efficiently structured by etfSA Portfolio Management Company.
There are five portfolio choices for various retirement profiles:
  • Wealth Default Portfolio 
  • Wealth Protector Portfolio 
  • Wealth Conservator Fund
  • Wealth Builder Fund
  • Wealth Enhancer Fund

All portfolios are constructed from low cost, liquid and transparent Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), with full "look through" to underlying portfolios. Fully Regulation 28 compliant at all times.

Manage your "own"retirement
  • Retirement benefits for etfSA RA Fund members - click here
  • Current tax treatment of retirements funds - click here
  • About retirement funds in South Africa - click here
  • Terms & Conditions of membership - click here
etfSA RA Funds makes managing your savings for retirement:
  • easy to understand and control
  • completely transparent at all times - you know the value of your retirement savings at all times
If you need advice
  • Contact your financial advisor. (we will pay trailing commission - up to a maximum of 1% per annum to advisors, but only with your permission).
  • No upfront fees
  • No rebates to advisors
Retirement Annuity Brochure (v20) January 2024   [561kb]
 Aug 2023 Financial emigration vs. Tax emigration   [121kb]
Application Form (v36) December 2023   [2MB]
Additional Contribution Form (v10) November 2023   [484kb]
Debit Order Amendment Form (v09) November 2023   [601kb]
Regular EFT Form (v08) November 2023   [418kb]
Switch Form (v03) October 2018   [211kb]
Fact Sheets
April 2024
etfSA RA Wealth Builder Portfolio  [161kb]
etfSA RA Wealth Conservator Portfolio  [162kb]
etfSA RA Wealth Default Portfolio  [161kb]
etfSA RA Wealth Enhancer Portfolio  [160kb]
etfSA RA Wealth Protector Portfolio  [155kb]
Portfolio Holdings
Retirement Annuity Portfolio Holdings April 2024  [122kb]