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The ETF Investor - Episode 26 - Custom Indices in Listed Real Estate

Listed real estate investments have been under quite a bit of pressure over the last year or two, and the global lockdown due to Covid pandemic just added insult to injury. Even global real estate stocks, although arguably more diversified than local investments, were weighed down by the strength in the rand which has appreciated more than 20% against the US dollar over the past year. But not all real estate indices are created equally, and in this industry, forced to adapt very quickly, there is a case to be made for indices that are also more responsive to change. What are custom indices and how do they work?

The ETF Investor - Episode 25 - Dividends, Distributions and Total Return ETFs

The returns we get from investments come in two parts capital gains (or an increase in the price) and distributions, which could be either dividends or interest. It is easy to see the first part of this return equation, the price changes, from your investment platform or stockbroking account, but how do distributions work for ETFs?

The ETF Investor - Episode 24 - WTF (What The Factsheet!)

Investors are often told to do your homework, to understand what you invest in before you do so, or even just do your own research, but what exactly does that mean, and how should ETF investors evaluate an ETF to decide if its right for you? In this episode we take a closer look at fact sheets, how to read it and identify the important information to help guide your investment decisions.

The ETF Investor - Episode 23 - African Sovereign Bonds and the Balloting Process

In this episode we turn our attention to an asset class that is at best not well understood by most investors, or at worst, a complete unknown, and that is African sovereign bond markets. We also discuss the ballot process required to change the investment strategy of an existing ETF.

The ETF Investor - Episode 22 - Going Truly Global

In this episode we metaphorically dust off our passports to embark on a round-the-world-trip, through a quick reminder of the global ETF investment opportunity set available to South African investors on the JSE, in general, and then taking a closer look at the latest offering in this space, the CoreShares Total World Stock Feeder ETF (share code: GLOBAL).

The ETF Investor - Episode 21 - Global ESG ETF options in SA

In this episode we follow on with the theme of episode 20, being ESG ETF investments, by looking at the specific options available to South African investors on the JSE. Sygnia recently listed the third ESG ETF on the JSE the Sygnia Itrix S&P Global 1200 ESG ETF. How does this differ from the other two options already available?

The ETF Investor - Episode 20 - ESG - What is it, and Why should you care?

In this episode we focus on ESG investments, as in Environmental, Social and Governance, and how to get exposure to this strongly growing global trend via ETFs. But what is ESG, other than the clarification of the acronym, and why should you care? Is this a trend that is easily captured in index form, and therefore through an ETF, or is this best left to active investment management?

The ETF Investor - Episode 19 - Tesla inclusion in the S&P500, why only now?

In this episode, the final one for 2020, we finish off with a nice Christmas bonus for investors in Tesla. The electric vehicle company will be included in the S&P500 index from the start of trading on Monday 21-Dec-2020. We discuss why now, and what this means for investors in S&P500 ETFs.

The ETF Investor - Episode 18 - ETF FAQs

In this episode we are going back to basics to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Having said that, even if you are an old hand at ETFs, there may be some new insights for you in this episode, such as investing in cryptocurrencies via ETFs.

The ETF Investor - Episode 17 - 20 Years of ETFs in SA

In this episode we celebrate the 20th birthday of the ETF industry in South Africa, which was born on the 27th of November 2000 when the Satrix 40 ETF was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Since then, the industry has seen many firsts, remarkable growth, and broadening opportunity through both the breadth and the depth of the range of products, ETF issuers, investor types and investment strategies that can be accessed via Exchange-Traded Funds.

The ETF Investor - Episode 16 - Global Bond ETFs

In this episode we focus on global bond ETFs, and specifically the six options available on the JSE. This is not intended to be a look at the value proposition of investing in global bonds, but rather a comparative look at the different options, how they differ, and where they are similar.

The ETF Investor - Episode 15 - Gold ETFs and the debenture structure

In this episode we focus on gold investments, and how gold ETFs in particular, give you easy and safe access to the yellow metal whose perceived value dates back at least to Biblical times. For South Africa as a country, an economy, and indeed, a stock market which was built on gold, this is fundamental. Add to this its performance in 2020, and youll see why this topic is so important and relevant. We also explore the debenture structure, and how it is different from a CIS - a unit trust.

The ETF Investor - Episode 14 - SheInvests

In this episode we commemorate Womens Month in South Africa as we celebrate the strength and resilience of women, the rock of our society. The JSE has interesting research that shows that women engage with investor communication more than men, but when it comes to taking action, they tend to fall short of their male counterparts. Some of the key reasons for this difference is sited as the general lack of education and particularly, of the lack of financial confidence in women. We discuss how ETFs help to bridge this gap.

The ETF Investor - Episode 13 - Exchange Traded Notes

In this episode we shift focus from ETFs, to their lesser known cousins ETNs Exchange Traded Notes to see how this type of investment instrument is different from an ETF, and how they are similar. The common denominator here is that they are all traded on an exchange, so the point of access is all the same, but the underlying investment may differ in its construct and the rules and regulations that govern it.

The ETF Investor - Episode 12 - Investing in China

In this episode we travel east, to look at the investment opportunity presented by China, the second largest economy in the world, and the most populous nation on the planet. Satrix will be listing the MSCI China ETF on the JSE on the 22nd of July, offering investors access to this exciting global market, locally. We explore what exposure this ETF offers, and how its costs compare to alternatives.

The ETF Investor - Episode 11 - Fund-of-Funds Structure for ETFs

This episode takes a closer look at different fund structures, and how it affects the way in which the assets in the fund underlying the ETF, is managed we explore the impact it has on costs and tracking error. Whereas the first ETFs were single asset class, and single market investments, this has evolved to include multi-asset class investments and funds covering multiple jurisdictions and geographic regions, and the fund-of-funds structure is one that brings efficiency and cost benefits to investors.

The ETF Investor - Episode 10 - Investing in Tech

This episode focuses on how one can invest in technology, especially in companies that benefit from the increased demand for online and technology solutions in the light of a change in the way we work, play and shop, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. With Wes Hellyar of Moth Innovate.

The ETF Investor - Episode 9 - Dividend Strategies

This episode looks on dividend strategies, how they can be accessed using ETFs, and how they are affected by the wave of dividend deferrals, delays, and even outright cancellations, as companies focus on protecting balance sheets and cash on hand to weather the Covid-19 storm.

The ETF Investor - Episode 8 - Satrix SA Bond ETF new listing

Satrix lists its 16th ETF on the JSE on Thursday 7 May - the Satrix SA Bond ETF. How is this different from other bond ETFs, including inflation-linked bond ETFs? And what is the outlook for SA bonds post the WGBI exclusion?

The ETF Investor - Episode 7 - Standard Bank Oil ETN

In this episode we focus on the Standard Bank Oil ETN to better understand the investment opportunity to get exposure to oil as a commodity. This comes on the back of the historic and unprecedented event of oil prices, and in particular the WTI the West Texas Intermediate oil future for May, falling to below zero at the start of this week.

The ETF Investor - Episode 6 - Bond indices, and SA dropping out of the WGBI

This episode focuses on bond indices, how they are constructed, who governs the index rules, and how changes can drive investor demand for specific bonds. There is also specific reference to South Africa being dropped from the FTSE WGBI (World Government Bond Index) at the end of April.

The ETF Investor - Episode 5 - Volatility Managed ETFs from ABSA

ABSA offers a series of ETFs that assist in managing the volatility of equity investments, something that has suddenly become very pertinent in the dramatic sell-off and swings experienced in markets since late February. How do these work, and how can they benefit you in your portfolio?

The ETF Investor - Episode 4 - Investment Strategies during times of Market Crises

Market crises cause anxiety for investors - both retail and professionals - and as much as we cannot control or influence market movements, we can do so with our own reactions to the market turmoil. In this podcast we revisit some rational and prudent investment strategies to help navigate turbulent waters.

The ETF Investor - Episode 3 - etfSA Investor Hub

The etfSA Investor Hub offers investors who want to manage their own ETF investments, and make their own investment decisions, a fully digital platform to do just that. In this podcast, Mike Brown, MD of etfSA, discusses the rationale of taking over the CoreShares Online platform, with Gareth Stobie, MD of CoreShares.

The ETF Investor - Episode 2 - Retirement Annuities

In this episode we take a closer look at using ETFs in retirement savings, and how you can use it to benefit you now by saving tax upfront, how the flexibility of it allows you to build up long term savings whenever you earn money, whether from a regular salary or from ad hoc part-time work or from project-based consulting income, and what to do with it when you reach retirement age.

The ETF Investor - Episode 1 - Tax-free Investment Accounts

In this first episode of The ETF Investor podcast series, we look at tax-free investments, an opportunity that should be the first investment for any investor. But what is it, who can have one, how do you get involved, and of course, how do you use ETFs in tax-free investments.