Outlook for Markets and Investment Strategies in 2024
LIVE WEBINAR — Thursday, 1 February 2024
Subject Speaker Time
1 Outlook for Global & Local Financial Markets 2024 Mike Brown 18h00 – 18h20
2 Investment Strategies for 2024 Gareth Stobie 18h20 – 18h35
3 Tax-free Accounts Nerina Visser 18h35 – 18h45
4 Retirement Annuities Suzan Ramotshabi 18h45 – 18h55

The webinar will unwrap the following key factors:

  • what is likely to impact on financial markets and investor sentiment this year;
  • what is likely to influence the optimal allocation of investments and investment strategies for the year ahead;
  • which are the ETFs that can best create value in your Tax-free accounts;
  • why you should maximise your tax deductible contributions to your RA accounts before end-February 2024; and
  • an update on the Two-Pots Retirement system.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first client webinar for 2024

Date 1 February 2024
Webcast Access by live webcast to the Seminar for those who cannot make this live event (broadcast from 18h00 on 2 November 2023)
Time 18h00 to 19h00
Register www.corpcam.com
Recording For those not able to join us live on the day, a recording will be available on the etfSA website (www.etfsa.co.za), including answers to questions submitted to the webinar.