Harness the power of ETFs

Get seamless, low cost, diversified exposure to global stock markets and asset classes.

Why use it?

Whether you’re an expert investor or just starting out, ETFs are a powerful way to invest in global stock markets and asset classes – no matter what your budget. They’re also truly democratic: not only is there a single price for all investors, but they’re also accessible via the public stock exchange.


ETFs are easily available on global stock markets as a single listed share. Compare this to buying a unit trust, where you need to fill in an application form for each separate unit trust provider.


Because one ETF gives you exposure to an entire stock market or asset class, it’s inherently diversified, without you needing to select individual stocks or bonds. With ETFs you’re spreading your investment risk rather than putting all your eggs in only a few baskets.

Low cost

ETFs have significantly lower total costs (TERs) than actively managed unit trusts, as they are passively track a prescribed index. The irony is that the lower cost index funds usually outperform the more expensive actively-managed products.


Like stocks, you can trade ETFs anytime - which means you can easily move your investments between asset classes such as stocks, bonds or commodities. 


Most ETFs disclose their holdings on a daily basis, which means they’re highly transparent as far as investment vehicles go. They also usually hold the same securities as the index they’re tracking, though some may hold a representative sample.

Outcomes-based investing

Exchange-traded products are the place to go for building varied portfolios that match your investment objectives.

No matter what your priorities are, we can help.

Not sure where to start?

Invest simply, yourself

The ETFSA Hub lets you build wealth by managing your own portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds.

Retire comfortably

Want to preserve your wealth for your retirement years? ETFs can help you reach your saving goals so you can retire stress-free.

Get a sustainable income

If you’re in or nearing retirement, you may be looking to achieve a reliable and/or growing income.

Have a managed local or global portfolio

With this option, we manage your wealth - whether it’s local or offshore - to best meet your goals and needs.