M F Brown trading as etfSA.co.za
(FSP License No 39217)
  etfSA Portfolio Management Company (Pty) Ltd
(Reg No. 2012/019954/07)
Trading as etfSA Portfolio Management Company (Pty) Ltd
(Reg No. 2012/019954/07)
(FSP License No 52314)

Conflict of Interest Management Policy 

In accordance with the requirements of the General Code of Conduct for authorised Financial Service Providers as published in Board Notice 80 of 2003 and amended by Board Notice No 43 of 2008 and Board Notice No 58 of 2010, we disclose as follows:

We have no conflict of interest with regard to:

  • any financial interest;
  • any ownership interests, or
  • any relationship with a third party

that might, in rendering a financial service to a client:

a) influence the objective performance of my obligations to my clients; or
b) prevent me from providing an unbiased and fair financial service in the interest of my clients.

We have no financial interest, ownership interest or relationship with a third party, that constitutes a conflict of interest, as defined in Board Notice No 58 of 2010, in providing a distribution channel for financial services.

The FSPs have put in place processes, procedures and internal controls to prevent any "immaterial financial interest", i.e. an incentive with a value in excess of R1000 in any calendar year, being received by the business in the course of providing financial services to its clients. In the event of an immaterial financial interest in excess of the R1000 being received in any calendar year, this would be disclosed to clients in the Annual Financial Statements and Compliance Reports of the business

This Conflict of Interest Management Policy is displayed at all times on the website of the FSP -  www.etfsa.co.za