Discretionary Investments

  • Investor Hub brochure – click here
  • etfSA.co.za, via the Investor Hub, offers discretionary investments to investors wishing to choose their own ETPs – for a description and all ETFs & ETNs listed on the JSE, click here. There is no limit to the investment amount in a discretionary investment.

Tax-Free Investments

  • The Investor Hub also offers Tax-free investments, limited to R36 000 per tax year, per investor – to view the Investor Hub Tax-Free brochure, click here
  • To view a list of qualifying ETFs for Tax-free investments, click here
  • Invest a minimum of R300 per ETF or R1000 per portfolio for either Discretionary investments or Tax-Free investments.
  • Income, Balanced, Equity and International portfolios offered – click here to view the portfolios.
  • Administrators: Wealthport (Pty) Ltd.
  • Portfolio Managers and Financial Advisers – etfSA Portfolio Management Company (Pty) Ltd and etfSA.co.za.
The Investor Hub – This is a fully digital platform
Please have the following documents ready to upload:
 • ID document/card (or passport)
 • Proof of residence (not older than 3 months)
 • Proof of tax number
 • Bank account details 
For assistance with your discretionary investments, please contact etfSA.co.za at telephone: 010 446 7892 / 0371
or email: hub@etfsa.co.za / info@etfsa.co.za / taxfree@etfsa.co.za
Fact Sheets
April 2024
etfSA Balanced Model Portfolio  [295kb]
etfSA Equity Model Portfolio  [297kb]
etfSA Income Model Portfolio  [294kb]
etfSA International Model Portfolio  [297kb]
Research and Insights
Insights: The Exchange Traded Product (ETP) Landscape October 2023   [97kb]