Wealth Life Cycle Investing seminar: November 2015
Mike Brown: Using ETPs to Build Up and Manage Wealth Over Your Life Cycle - 4 August 2015    [838kb]
Nerina Visser: Common Misconceptions about "Passive" Investments - 4 August 2015    [647kb]
Stocks for Frocks seminar: 12 September 2015
Ann Wilson – The Wealth Chef: Stocks for Frocks  - 12 September 2015   [4.0Mb]
Mike Brown: Using ETPs in your investments - 12 September 2015   [1.3Mb]
Nerina Visser: Let’s get ACTIVE with our PASSIVE investments - 12 September 2015   [1.1Mb]
Absa seminar: August 2015
Wayne Dennehy: Absa ETFs - What are they, how do we use them? - 4 August 2015   [990kb]
Mike Brown: Suite of ETF & ETN Investment Products - 4 August 2015   [570kb]
Nerina Visser: ‘Smart’ ETFs GIVI you another kind of diversification - 4 August 2015   [491kb]
CoreShares seminars: June 2015
Gareth Stobie: Indexation at the Core   [4.3Mb]
Mike Brown: etfSA.co.za Portfolio of ETPs   [662kb]
Nerina Visser: Core-Satellite in Practice   [222kb]
ETF Tax Free Investment Account (“ETFIA”)
Mike Brown: Using ETFs to invest on the JSE - 18t May 2015   [310kb]
Nerina Visser: The ETF Tax Free Investment Account (ETFIA) - 18 May 2015   [576kb]
Investing in ETPs - seminars: February 2015
Mike Brown: Using ETPs in Investment Portfolios   [250kb]
Nerina Visser: Why ETPs? Why not!   [196kb]