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  • Tax free investment accounts using only low cost, transparent and liquid ETFs as components.
  • Invest a minimum of R300 per ETF or R1000 per portfolio, up to a maximum of R36 000 per tax year.
  • Income, Balanced, Equity and International portfolios offered.
  • These accounts are fully compliant with Section 12T of the Income Tax Act.
  • Portfolio Managers and Financial Advisers etfSA Portfolio Management Company (Pty) Ltd.
  • Administrators The Investor Hub: Wealthport (Pty) Ltd / Computershare (Pty) Ltd.
Brochure - The Investor Hub  (v4) Nov 2021   [1.7mb]
Brochure - Computershare  (v23) Nov 2021   [1.4mb]
Qualifying ETFs (v16) Nov 2021   [307kb]
Investor Hub
The Investor Hub This is a fully digital platform
Please have the following documents ready to upload:
  ID document/card (or passport)
  Proof of residence (not older than 3 months)
  Proof of tax number
  Bank account details
Computershare Forms
Debit Order Amendment Form (v6) March 2019   [140kb]
Transfer Form (v3) October 2018   [92kb]
Withdrawal Form (v5) February 2018   [142kb]
Switch Application Form (v6) January 2020   [146kb]
Terms and Conditions (v10) October 2019   [411kb]
For assistance with your tax free investments, please contact at 010 446 0371 or or
Fact Sheets
December 2021
etfSA International Model Portfolio  [320kb]
etfSA Equity Model Portfolio  [320kb]
etfSA Balanced Model Portfolio  [320kb]
etfSA Income Model Portfolio  [320kb]